Love Monday Solutions

With options including swift, expert help on your key job search tools; topic-specific laser sessions; and personal, tailored coaching opportunities, your Love of Monday is about to get mighty real!

Love Monday Power Tools

If you are rocking the 7 steps of your career transformation process, yay!! If you're ready to possess the absolute best, most powerful tools to help you communicate your outstanding value, brand, strengths and story, and you want a little help, let's do it!

At your service with:

  • Detailed email consultation so I can understand where you are in your job search and what your big goals are.

  • Materials tailored to the job to which you are applying so you're not wasting your time with mass, generic appeals.

  • Materials written, edited, proofread and polished to highlight your skills and strategically underscore the value you bring to an organization.

  • Prompt turnaround, based on your needs.

  • Two rounds of editing.

  • Final documents in Word and PDF format.


Featured here are the four most popular career communication tools; there are several others, including a personal bio, a personal branding strategy and more. Ask me about any of them, and we'll figure out what exactly you need. Simply send me an email to get the process started.

Professionals Resume $200-350 | College Student & Recent Grad Resume $125-225 | Cover Letter $100 | LinkedIn Profile $150-250 | Elevator Pitch $200

Love Monday Lasers

You see what’s involved in the 7-step transformation process, and you’re actually making great progress on your own. But, you find yourself stuck in one or two of the steps.


Maybe you’re clear and excited about a couple of different ways to match your purpose and skills with meaningful work, but you’re having trouble researching specific opportunities or connecting with others in your chosen fields. Or, you are going on interviews but not getting the job offers.


Our three laser phone or Skype sessions together, along with whatever supplemental readings, videos or other content you need, get you unstuck and moving happily along your path to success. Let's laser, baby! Contact me now to learn more or get started.


Love Monday Mastery

With this select package, we work together for up to a dozen phone or Skype sessions, spending as much or as little time you need on each of the 7 steps. Along the way you’ll get detailed guidance on creating your vision and mission and how to find the best opportunities that maximize your strengths.


We can help you build your network and prepare you for even the toughest interviews. You’ll receive plenty of how-to support on developing your LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, branded job search tools, elevator pitch and more, plus you get my final review of these deliverables.


You’ll have extensive email access to me for three months, plus my cell if you need to text or talk about a quick issue. Let’s get this Love Monday thing started today!



Reimagine Monday Full Throttle

I’m yours. For the next several months, that is. With this premium package, together you and I work you through the 7-step exceptional career transformation process in the time frame you decide, which typically is a 3- to 6-month period.


Our time together includes several in-person, phone or Skype coaching sessions – two, three or four sessions for each of the 7 steps depending on your particular needs.


You will end up with a clear vision, specific and proven actionables, plus stellar, tangible deliverables – a powerful LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, branded job search tools, elevator pitch and much more. Plus, you’ll get oodles of email access to me, plus my cell if you need to text in a pinch or place a quick call to touch base on a key matter.


If your goal is to find work that makes you want to leap out of bed every Monday, why put yourself through another soul-sucking week with no positive movement forward? Let’s determine the type of support you need and get started today!


Love Monday, Love Life

You might already have a career you like or love — fabulous! As crucial as that is, we all know work isn’t everything, and a huge part of truly being able to Love Monday is having joy and success in multiple areas of our lives. It’s important to have a good balance so the other parts of your life, if out of whack, don’t negatively bleed into the work you are enjoying.


Let’s face it, if you are loving Monday simply because your weekends are uber dull or fraught with so much tension that work sounds fun by comparison, you have some opportunity for enhancement.


In these coaching sessions you talk, and I listen. I also ask you questions that help you dive deeper and challenge and broaden your current perspectives. Together we explore the areas of your life that could use some polishing or clarity, whether that be in terms of personal goal achievement, decision making, mission fulfillment, procrastination, happiness or motivation in areas such as health and wellness, relationships, personal growth, your social life, contribution or self-image.


Now, I am not a therapist, so if you need significant support in any life area and/or experience depression, anxiety or other emotional pulls, please find a wonderful therapist to help you right away. There are so many excellent ones out there, and there is no reason you need to feel bad or suffer in any way.


However, if you feel you would like someone who listens really well without judgment that you can run your ideas by; someone who can help you see the whole picture and maintain a healthy perspective; or someone who can help you gain the clarity and insight that will help propel you forward and experience bliss and success in multiple areas of life, then I’m your gal.


Packages begin with three sessions, priced as the three laser sessions described above, and extend to a six-month period. Support materials are provided as needed. You and I begin by discussing your specific goals and needs, then identifying the right type of support for you.


Cozy up with a strong, delicious cup of coffee while enjoying cutting-edge, career-changing strategies by email.

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