Resume Spring Cleaning Special!

Resume Spring Cleaning Special: Success Review

Spring provides us the opportunity to engage in heavy duty refreshing, so what better time to make your resume sparkle!

If you've done the necessary foundational work and are ready to unleash a resume that captures your unique value, goals, strengths and brand, NOW is the time to make it rock!


If you'd read my "Resume Success Cheat Sheet" or seen my series of videos featuring "The Top 10 Rules You Need To Know For A Cutting-Edge Resume," you know the way resumes are written and look is dramatically different.

You also know my expertise in resume development, writing, editing, personal branding and career coaching has helped hundreds of college students and purposeful professionals craft resumes that 1) capture their top strengths, personal brand and unique value they will bring to their ideal job and 2) land them interviews for their dream jobs, which is exactly what a powerful resume is designed to do.

If you've read my Cheat Sheet or seen my videos and have applied the principles to your resume, I'm offering a special, Resume Spring Cleaning Success Review for $49. I send you a brief questionnaire and you send me your best resume, and I review it. I send it back to you within 5 workdays marked up and with detailed comments.

In my review, I'll be looking at your resume layout and design, and how well it captures your:


  • Unique value proposition

  • Fit with your ideal job

  • Strengths

  • Personal brand

  • Experience and measurable outcomes

I also will be looking at your spelling, spacing, word choice and consistency to be sure your resume is mistake-free and as powerful as possible. And of course, I'll be sure it captures the 10 new resume rules in spectacular fashion.

To ask me any questions about this opportunity, shoot me an email. To purchase this limited-time (through May) $49 special, which normally costs $69, click here.

Happy Spring!!

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