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Greetings and salutations! Welcome to Love Monday, your home for exceptional career transformation. If bursting of out bed with breathless excitement every Monday to launch your workweek sounds amazing to you, you are in the right place!

I specialize in helping ambitious college students and smart, spunky, purposeful Gen X and Boomers who want to find work that makes them not just not dread Monday, but actually love it. Now, there are thousands of books and blogs on career transformation and more fabulous career coaches than ever to help you out, but here’s what’s different and so special about the Love Monday experience:

  • First, It Gets Results.
    I've been so fortunate to help all types of executives and leaders in the public and private sectors identify and own their next professional opportunity, the type of work that really fills them with excitement, inspiration and joy.

  • Second, It’s Specific & Strategic.
    My approach is built on 7 clear, proven steps that start with self-exploration and culminate with on-the-job thriving. Too many job searches and career dreams tank because people don’t know the precise steps they need to take, they skip steps or they don’t know how to navigate expertly through them. If “resume” is what comes to mind first when you think “career change,” uh oh, stick around! All the information I share is built on my proven, 7-step system.

  • Third, Love Monday Is Concise.
    There’s no fluff; no vague directives; no peppy, perky quotes or heavy theories. We will not be spending 12 weeks delving into how you define gratitude! We dig deep as needed, but we are full of action, baby!!

  • Fourth, It’s Cutting Edge.
    Now I may love me a good ‘80s pop song, but here we’re totally au courant. You’re getting strategies in personal branding, mindset, networking, resumes, interviewing and job seeking that work now, not last year. My total geekiness truly shines when it comes to helping you create materials that are robust, that distinguish you from the rest, and that feature language, grammar and punctuation that would make your English and marketing professors beam.

  • Finally, It’s Exhilarating.
    Yeah, that’s right, if you want to build a career that is zesty, fun and exciting, you need to approach finding it and landing it in that same spirit.

Ok great, so how do we make this happen? Well first, there are 3 different coaching solutions based on my 7-step career success system and completely tailored to your goals, needs, work style and timeline. 


I also have an expanding library of extremely clear, proven, strategic and well written guides, articles, checklists and videos that can help you understand what the exact steps are and how to tackle them. 


I’ll also provide several ways for you to work directly with me to get insanely quick and effective feedback on your most pressing job search elements such as your personal brand, resume, cover letter, and responses you’ll want to provide to the toughest interview questions you’ll ever face.


Look, time flies, dreams fade, excuses mount and keeping things the way they are feels safe and comfy. But if starting your day bursting with joy and eagerness sounds like a life you’d like to lead, we’ve got you covered.


Welcome to Love Monday!


©2018 by Independent George LLC & Love Monday

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