Meet Trie, Your Love Monday Mentor

Welcome to Love Monday, your home for exceptional career transformation. If bursting of out bed with breathless excitement every Monday to launch your workweek sounds right up your alley, you are in the right place!

I’m Maria Katrien Heslin, and my friends call me Trie so I hope you will too (it’s pronounced like those glorious tall woody plants all around us). I specialize in preparing college students for professional success and in strategic career transformation for fun, vivacious and determined men and women who want to find work that makes them not just not dislike Monday, but actually love it and love it madly!

The world has so much potential, and helping individuals 1) discover what they love to do 2) engage in meaningful work and 3) thrive personally and professionally gets us all one step closer to making the planet better for everybody.

My approach is specific, strategic, concise and actually pretty darn exhilarating! It centers on the 7 essential steps you need to take to achieve maximum career transformation success.

Expertise in leadership, strategy, communications, mindset and every element of the job search process provides me with a solid foundation for what I do. Warmth, humor, deep listening skills, energy and enthusiasm establish me as a successful and effective mentor. She says in all modesty.

A background in marketing and personal branding allows me to help my clients differentiate themselves and communicate their strengths, unique value and personal edge across multiple platforms and to the workplaces they really want to work for. My wide-ranging career experiences are also incredibly valuable as a coach.

I’ve served as a COO and have worked in corporate America, the nonprofit arena, politics, government, higher education, small business and entrepreneurship. I've reinvented a
multi-million dollar budgeting process; directed a strategic planning initiative; and led an innovation effort that saved more than $6 million.

I have two Master’s degrees, three coaching certifications and a certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University. I'm co-author of a textbook used by 30,000 Indiana University Kelley School of Business students, and I'm a member of the IU faculty, where I teach public relations and career success preparation.

On a more personal note, I'm a huge fan of all animals and love advocating on their behalf. I enjoy travel, meditation, yoga, reading, drinking coffee and wine (on separate occasions), laughing, long walks and spending time with amazing people. As a former Deputy Mayor, I'm a total politi-geek and news junkie. And I truly adore the Rolling Stones.

Best of all, I truly Love Monday, and I can help you love it, too. You can get the lovefest rolling by joining the Reimagine Monday mailing list below for weekly, essential strategies, and by checking out all the site has to offer. Visit my blog for even more career change information you can put into action right away. Love Monday here we come!


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